To provide a quality basketball experience for the players; one that stresses mechanics, good sportsmanship and love of the game.

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RBA Merchandise available on line


The RBA is pleased to offer branded youth and adult RBA apparel.  

All orders received by 12/15 will arrive directly to your door by Christmas/Hannukah!  

Click on the RBA Merchandise tab on the left hand side of this page to see available items or click to go directly to the store.  

by posted 12/01/2016
RBA Scrimmages begin this weekend

For house league teams, we begin scrimmages on Friday or Saturday.  RBA has special rules for scrimmages and they are shown below.  We hope you all have a great first weekend in the gym.


1.  It's a scrimmage - please remember that.  We have scrimmages for a lot of reasons but the primary reason is that our house leagues are in large part instructional and in all cases, designed for fun and love of the game.  Some of our teams simply are not ready for a “real game” and we are going to do everything to help those teams get ready.  For the 7/8 leagues, there is only one scrimmage game but for the younger leagues, the month of December is an opportunity to learn, get better, and not have to even look at a scoreboard.

2.  The game is over after one hour, even if the game isn't over on the score clock.

3.  Ten minute running time quarters.  Time runs on free throws - referees may decide to award only a single free throw on shooting fouls so we keep things moving. The only stopped time is for time out.  Excessive time out requests will be denied.

4.  There is no overtime under any circumstances.  If the scrimmage is a tie, that's fine.  The score will be reset to 0-0 at the end of any quarter.  This is mandatory.  Nobody “wins” a scrimmage because it’s a scrimmage and not a game.  We keep score, record wins, and award trophies in March, not in December.

5.  RBA playing time rules and all other rules apply.

6.  Referees may use the time to instruct and assist players in improving.  That means a referee may stop play, give an instruction, and grant a "do over" to a player or team, especially at the younger levels.  HEAD COACHES (not assistants, not parents) may request that we stop play to instruct but all coaches must bear in mind that the games will end on time and we may have to run the clock during this instruction.  During a time out, coaches are not restricted to their benches and may bring their team onto the floor to instruct or demonstrate under a basket.

7.  No complaining allowed.  Everyone is learning. For new referees, it's a scrimmage for them, too!

by posted 12/01/2016
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