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President’s Weekend

We schedule games on President’s Weekend.  Our organizational philosophy is that we are always open for players and families who decide to remain in town.  What we ask of all teams is that you show up at your scheduled game time.  Even if you have only a few players, please show up.  For those players not going away, this is their opportunity to have some fun, get in a gym, and play some ball.  Please do not take that opportunity from them by not showing up.

We will work out how to play when teams show up.  If we have a five on five game, that’s great.  If one team has only three and the other team has five or more, we will swap some players and make it a scrimmage.  If it becomes a three on three half court game, that’s fine.  If we play two on two and have free throw shooting contests, that’s also fine.

The point is: SHOW UP if you’re in town and let’s have some fun!

Makeup Games

There were a number of makeup games scheduled for Sunday before the weather forced another set of postponements.  We will be scheduling those games for Sunday, February 26.  We will not schedule makeup games for a holiday weekend.


House league playoffs will begin Friday, March 3 with all teams playing that weekend (March 3-5).  Playoffs are single elimination format and will continue with semifinals and finals the following weekend.  Super Sunday is March 12.

In Boys 3/4 there are 17 teams.  We would like to play the “play-in” game on Friday, March 3, the round of 16 on March 4, the quarterfinals on March 5, semifinals on March 11, and finals on March 12.  If we are not able to make that schedule work, quarterfinal games will be played during the week of March 6.

Boys 3/4 note: We are aware of the Barlow Mountain production of Peter Pan and will be doing our best to avoid conflicts.

In Boys 5/6 and Boys 7/8 we will play most first round games on March 4 but definitely some games on Friday March 3, most second round games on March 5 (with the possibility of two second round games on March 4), and semifinals and finals on March 11 and 12 respectively.

In Girls 3/4 we will play the two first round games on March 4, second round March 5, and semifinals and finals on March 11 and 12 respectively.

In Girls 5/6 we will play the first game (4 seed vs. 5 seed) on Friday March 3.  We may also play the 2 seed vs. 3 seed that same night.  The 1 seed will play on Saturday March 4.  Finals in that division will be scheduled as may be required to meet RBA scheduling policies and it is possible that the finals will be played on Saturday March 11 instead of March 12.

In Girls 7/8 we will play two quarterfinal games on Saturday March 4, semifinals on March 5, and finals on March 12.

by posted 02/13/2017
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