Coaching & Officiating

How to Become an RBA Volunteer coach

If you have a love of basketball and want to positively impact our community, fill out the form below! We are always looking add passionate individuals to our coaching staffs at all levels!

Coach Inquiry form – RBA

This form will be used to gather information on those interested in volunteering as an RBA coach.
Please include if you had/have/will have student-athletes participating in a program, too!

How to Become an RBA Referee

If you have a love of basketball and want to be an integral part of the RBA that you've been a part of since elementary school, sign up to be a referee!

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    Age Requirement:

    9th to 12th grade

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    Please complete the form below!

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    Mandatory Referee Clinics:

    Before December 1, time and place TBA we will have an instruction session for all new referees. During our first weekend we will have all new referees work together with our certified referee coodinator, William Stevenson. New referees will work scrimamge games where they can get hands on experience working.

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    Skills Required:

    Basic knowledge of the game of basketball and willingness to learn the RBA rules.

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    The number of assigned games is determined by the referee and skill level. Games are primarily on Friday nights and weekends.

This form will be used to gather information on those interested in officiating with the RBA.
Please input the number associated with your grade (e.g., FR-9, SO-10, JR-11, SR-12)
If you have not officiated before, please write 0
Please include if you had/have prior experience and include any other relevant information you'd like to share with the hiring team


RBA Referee FAQS

One high school referee and one certified referee are assigned to most grade levels.

Both officials for the travel league are certified (aka, patch) referees.

The RBA must be notified of any flagrant foul or double technical foul assessed to a coach or player. The RBA will take further action as is necessary. That action may include written findings that will be verified by the officials involved. It is the policy of the RBA to monitor and verify patterns of poor behavior so that the Board may determine whether additional penalties are warranted.

Two referees at each game are essential to running a great program and elevate the quality of the games. It is unacceptable to miss an officiating assignment without providing notice to the RBA.

We do our best to avoid appearances that would appear to favor one team or another. As such, we attempt to avoid this kind of situation.

First year officials are paid $12 per game for regular season games. Experienced referees are paid $14 per game. For playoff games we will pay $18 per game.

We will pay referees weekly.

Top referees are chosen to work playoff and championship games. Compensation for playoff games is greater than in the regular season. In addition, the RBA selects four $1,000 scholarship recipients to high school seniors each year and excellent officiating along with a keen sense of responsibility is a heavily weighted component.