RBA supports Concussion awareness and treatment training

Hello RBA Community, Coaches, and Parents,


As we begin another winter basketball season, we wanted to share with you a link to the CDC website that contains valuable information on Concussion prevention, identification, and treatment. There are sections of the site that apply to coaches, parents, and athletes alike, so please take a few minutes to browse the site.



We cannot stress enough the seriousness of this subject. Many of us involved in athletics have witnessed the effects that a concussion can have on a person’s life and their family. We treat it as a serious matter and hope you will as well.


Coaches and referees – There is also a certification process on the site that the RBA Board strongly suggests its Board members, coaches/assistant coaches, and referees at all RBA levels complete every two years. Please take the approx. 30 mins necessary to complete it, if you have not already done so in the past two years.



Thank you very much for your attention.


Best of luck this upcoming season!

Erinn McGarrity and Members of the RBA Board